Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about sharing your voice with the project, what it will be used for, who is involved… and much more.

What is Scottish LGBTQI Voices? 

Everyone has a voice, but not everyone has a platform to share it. That pretty much sums up an issue Scottish LGBTQI Voices aims to remedy, offering a place for people living in Scotland who identify as LGBTQI to share their experiences.

It’s a platform where each contribution is given equal respect and acknowledgement, with the full collection of voices scheduled for published in print format in 2018. Just imagine what we can learn about the LGBTQI community and ourselves as a nation via this collection of voices.

Who is behind Scottish LGBTQI Voices?

Journalist and writer Cat Cochrane is the founder of Scottish LGBTQI Voices. Cat lives in Glasgow, and the project will be the second non-for-profit publication she has managed, following the release in 2015 of Dearest Scotland a book of letters written to the nation.

How can I contribute to Scottish LGBTQI Voices?

You can share your voice and experiences via the Contribute Your Voice page. It’s simple and secure and you’ll find more details about where your contribution will go via Terms and Conditions.

Alternatively you can email your contribution to along with your name/nickname or alias, age and the area you live in.

To really let your voice flow, why not send an audio recording or video to Your words will be transcribed and will appear in the publication just as if you’d written them by hand.

Please get in touch if you’d like to meet Cat in person, or arrange a Skype chat or phone call. This not only allows you to share your voice, but gives the chance to ask even more questions and offer feedback.

What can I share, specifically, to Scottish LGBTQI Voices?

The print and e-book publication of Scottish LGBTQI Voices will be sectioned by the following topics; Identity, Coming Out Stories, Dating, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Family Relationships, Working Environment, Sport, Disability, Homophobia, Bipobia and/or Transphobia, Religion, and Cultural Icons and Heroes.

People who wish to share their voice can choose one of these topics to focus on, or another not listed above.

Where is the project reaching out to?

The last thing Scottish LGBTQI Voices aims to be is Glasgow or Central Belt-centric. To have voices from every part of Scotland and from Scots living abroad will only add value to the collection. Urban and rural, from the Highlands and Islands to the Borders, young and old(er), the project wants to hear from you. Only through a widespread demographic can we capture a full picture of LGBTQI voices from across Scotland.

I am Scottish but currently living elsewhere, can I still contribute my voice?

Absolutely. Voices from people born in Scotland living in another location are no less important to the collection.

I wasn’t born in Scotland, but I live here now. Can I still contribute to Scottish LGBTQI Voices?

Totally, yes. The project is not exclusive to only people with a Scottish place name on their birth certificate. Born elsewhere, living in Scotland and would like to contribute your voice? The simple answer is, please do.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, this is an important choice. All you are required to add to your contribution is a name, nickname or alias, or simply leave your initials.

What age do I need to be to add to Scottish LGBTQI Voices?

Contributions are open to anyone over the age of 16. It would be fantastic to share voices from under-16s too, but due to parental permissions required, it makes it a bit too complicated, hence the minimum age.

I don’t identify as LGBTQI, can I still contribute?

This is a big, important one. It would be a shame to limit voices exclusively to people who identify as LGBTQI. By doing that, we’d miss out on the voices of family, friends and colleagues of people who identify as LGBTQI. Scottish LGBTQI Voices as a collection will be all the better for having these too.

What will happen to the words I contribute to Scottish LGBTQI Voices?

By submitting your voice, you accept the short list of project Terms and Conditions. Read more about these here.

What is the future of Scottish LGBTQI Voices?

2017 is the year Scottish LGBTQI Voices are being gathered. By spring 2018, a print and e-book publication of the collected content, in both words and images, will be released.

The project also offers and invites the opportunity for creatives to use the content for artistic exhibitions or theatrical interpretations. Please get in touch if this is something you’d like to create as a artist, practitioner or curator based in Scotland.

I work, volunteer or am connected with a group or charity that supports LGBTQI issues. How can we get involved?

To reach and engage with as many people across Scotland as possible is the biggest goal of the project. With this in mind, Scottish LGBTQI Voices happily welcomes contact, ideas and potential partnerships from individuals and organisations that support LGBTQI people and issues. The more connections made, the more impact we can have on each other and the ideas we work to support.

Why now?

Why not? There hasn’t been a gathering of LGBTQI voices in Scotland on this scale before. As a crowdsourced, inclusive project, people can connect and share their voice equally.

By publishing a print and e-book formation of the collective voices, folks can be part of Scotland’s LGBTQI history. There’s no place for rocket science either!

Who will listen to my voice?

Good question. Everyone who purchases a printed publication or e-book version of Scottish LGBTQI Voices will have the chance to read every voice. Mothers, neighbours, friends, colleagues and anyone else who knows someone whose voice is included will spread the word.

Scottish LGBTQI Voices will also hold value for central and local government equality groups, students, researchers and anyone around the world with an interest in LGBTQI… and Scotland.

How can I get involved apart from contributing my voice?

Engaging with Scottish LGBTQI Voices doesn’t need to be through solely sharing your story. Spreading the word about the project by mouth and social media will work wonders for its reach. This is just as vital when it comes to playing a part in Scotland’s LGBTQI history.

Where will the profits made from the Scottish LGBTQI Voices publication go?

Ideas in connection to LGBTQI projects or charities in Scotland that can benefit from the proceeds received from the Scottish LGBTQI Voices publication are sincerely welcomed at all stages of the project.

Is Scottish LGBT Voices merely covering work that’s already been done, by Our Story Scotland for example?

Our Story Scotland and other LGBT oral history projects remain our inspiration. We’ve are in conversation with Jaime Valentine at Our Story Scotland to see how we can support each other in the different facets of our work. It’s important for us to increase the scale of what’s gone before, if only to reach more people, thus share more voices.

Our Story Scotland has always been a free resource and accessible to the public. Will Scottish LGBTQI Voices follow the same model?

Our model is slightly different in that we are building the project as a future investment for the community. Profits made from a print and e-book publication of Scottish LGBTQI Voices – over and above design, labour and production costs – will be invested back into new and existing LGBT+ projects in Scotland.

Let’s all make it a big song and dance about helping the Scottish LGBTQI community in any way possible.